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Monica Kochar is an expert in ‘Developing Curriculum’ and ‘Teacher Facilitation’ for K-12 Mathematics. She creates various kinds of multi-sensory learning environments for Mathematics classes whereby learning the subject becomes a fun-filled experience. Being the part of country's premier progressive schools,she has built her career over 19 years. She is known to be a reflective and an innovative ‘Teacher & Curriculum Developer’.

She is proficient with the National (CBSE, ICSE, ISC) and International (IGCSE, IB-MYP and IB-DP) curricula.

Her USP is her capacity to see the child's learning perspective in any situation. Now, she uses this extremely important element while working with adults in the zones of teacher training, content development, testing, and writing.

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She is experienced and comfortable with both print and digital media.

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What is Humane Maths

  • 1.

    A teacher is like a gardener. Generally, a gardener does not decide how high each plant will grow. Rather, he ensures to create appropriate conditions for complete nurturing of all the plants. The plants grow on their own!

    A fundamental shift in educational thought is needed. The teaching design that I have created, to make the shift in the Maths classes, has two such aspects—The Inside and The Outside.

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  • 2.

    The inside approach refers to the attitude of the teacher. It is the ‘connect’ that the teacher has with the students. This is the part of the relationship where subject is not the medium of connection. Where the teacher values the student as he/she actually is. All exceptional teachers have this quality. It is the ‘humane’ connection.

    A Maths teacher, who is humane, does not use scores in Maths as a way to validate or invalidate the self-esteem of the students. She tries to know the students individually and celebrates their uniqueness. She validates everyone. This is the teacher who knows who among her students is great at sports or on the stage!

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  • 3.

    The outside approach is the curriculum in Maths designed by the teacher. It is not enough for the teacher to have an attitude of ‘connect’ with the students. The teacher’s right attitude needs to present itself in the delivery of curriculum too.

    According to the outside approach, while designing each chapter’s lesson plan(s), ensure the following is included. This list is indicative only and not comprehensive.

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