Priyansh was brilliant at Maths. A very gentle humanbeing, he was generally the first one to complete any work allotted to him. Educators were overwhelmed and praised his capability to do extra work. But I had an idea. I asked him, “Would you like an extension work or would you like to help someone?” He preferred to help someone. Thus, started a friendship between him and another student who needed support at almost every mathematical step! They bonded beautifully and heturned out to be a most sought after peer tutor since then. Everytime someone explained, "I got it. Thank you Priyansh", he had the spark in his eyes. He was gifted at Maths and showed his gift at empathy to others too.


He was in grade 12, ISC Maths in Bangalore. A passionate artist, he had set his heart into going for the designing school. One day, he missed my Maths class. Classmates told me he was into the Art class before mine and I thought I knew what happened. He walked up to me couple of classes later and sat next to me. He said, "I was so lost in designing, I lost track of time".

From the bottom of my heart, I - understood. 
I asked, "so what about the work you missed?"
He said, "Give me 2 days and it will be done." And it was.

The connect with the person is more important!


Enya (name changed) was in grade 7, and all her life petrified of Maths. Cuddly and loving outside the classroom, she used to freeze the moment the class started. I let her be and realized that there was no point in forcing her to work on Maths. While she was looking for right kind of atmosphere that would help her get at ease with Maths, i.e., 'psychological space',I waited for an opportune 'moment' to help her get over the problem she was facing. Till then, I gently cajoled her to work on 'oneproblem at least'. The right moment arrived when on a certain day we worked on fraction multiplication and I asked the class to express their understanding of this concept in a colourful way. Out came Enya's HUGE colour box and a small smile on her face. She spent the rest of the class in explaining the meaning of fraction multiplication..., and I watched with bated breath lest I didn't disturb her creative transformative moment. Thus, started the onward journey for Enya...towards liking Maths. Sixmonths down the line, her dad came to see me and asked, "How did you do it?"