About Humane Maths

Fundamentally, it is a positive humane connect of the teacher with the students that makes the foundation of HumaneMaths. In addition, Maths curriculum is designed very attentively to integrate creativity with rigour. This results in students developing a joyful connection with Maths.

When Joy becomes the basis of an engagement to learning Maths, the best capability of students of any learning style is evoked.

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Worth Reading

Math + Magic = Mathemagician 

by Monica Kochar (Author)

Buy from paperback - 2016

"The sum total of Monica's experience in teaching Maths for over 19 years is condensed in this small book. This is very helpful for learning learer centric strategies for teaching. Useful for teachers, parents and special educators. "


"Monica has written several articles for the Azim Premji magazine, TeacherPlus. "

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"A synthetic approach to User based learning in MAths published by igi global. "

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"Teachers of india, an initiative by Azim Premji foundation, picked up Monica's article on her aproach to MAths - Humanemaths."

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