"It would be fair to say that I not only studied, but rather enjoyed and looked forward to my Maths lessons through mid and high school thanks to an incredible teacher — Ms. Monica Kochar. I still attribute my proficiency and adeptness in numbers to my lessons back in school, and it helped that I had good grades to show for it. What made the difference for me was that the classes were more conceptual and she would take a personal interest in each student's different learning style."

"Even today, her passion for the subject and her students reflects in every part of her work. I feel grateful for the opportunity of learning from her."



"I've always been the loud kind of girl who loves life. But when it comes to Maths, I'm more like the opposite of my real self. I get shy and hate life. Well, let just say I hadthis big phobia of Maths since I was only six. As you all must have heard a teacher can make you hate or love a subject. But in my case, it will be legit to say that I got this one amazing teacher who made my Maths class the most funfilled. This happened when I was in grade 9. It was my first day in a new school and I was terrified; terrified of the fact that I will make a fool out of myself in Maths class. So as I entered the class, I straight away went for the last seat. And then I saw the "MATHS TEACHER", i.e., Ms Monica. And she was giving out test. That was the moment I wanted to run away because I didn't know a single thing in Maths. But somehow seeing my expressions, Monica ma'am asked me to meet her after the class. So when the class ended, I stayed back. She came to me and told me that she will help no matter what and I should take extra classes from her. And after that day, I can't believe I'm saying this but Maths was the only subject I use to look forward to in school. Her class used to be so much fun. She used to take us out for Maths classes and every child in my class was so free. We had no fear of asking a silly question. And till date, she is the one teacher who changed my life not only because of Maths,but more importantly she made me a better person. She made me believe in myself and that is something I would have never done without her help. The connection I have built with her over Maths will always be there. So after all Maths is an amazing subject if you get a teacher like her who goes out of her way to help her students."



Mathematics was the worst part of my growing-up years. But there was no escaping it, unfortunately. As the years passed and trigonometry and complex algebra robbed my sleep, my school hired a young, feisty, edgy teacher, who turned everything around. It's been nearly 16 years since I left school so although I don't have very clear memories of what transpired inside those four walls of the classroom, I remember Monica ma'am slowly helped me battle my fears of numbers, eased me into the subject, got me remotely interested in it and finally made sure I reigned in the marks too. She connected with the wires in my head and helped me untangle them. She remains a constant source of encouragement.



It is futile to attempt a mental description of the ideal qualities that a teacher must possess, for when faced with the practical challenges of the student's struggle in the midst of worlds that are presently lit dim, it is the Teacher's grace that shines forth through the disciple's own inner being. Experts of intellectual theories are to be found in abundance in today's knowledge-oriented world and sitting in their lofty abodes with their one-sided mastery of the truth, they seldom capture more than that faint and distant admiration of the student. Monica is a teacher in the above sense. Infinitely more valuable than her more than adequate mastery over mathematics is her sense of grace and guidance. She was to me at times a disciplinarian mother, at others a friend in whom I could trust and confide. When I look back at my times with her atThe Valley School, I remember a teacher who knew how to nourish the seed of Mathematics, come whatever the weather.