Teacher Training

“It is when we are aware of our creativity, that we feel truly self-empowered.”

How does one motivate a teacher to evoke his/her highest for the classroom teaching? Monica had this, as well as several other questions, in her mind when she ventured into Teacher Training for Maths. Now, with every workshop, she not only finds better answers to these questions. She trains teachers through various workshops where they work as students, and then analyse the material critically. They are exposed to many different ideas and insights, but are finally given the freedom to choose what they feel is the most relevant for their classes. Hence, through Monica’s sessions and workshops, teachers are encouraged to become conscious designers. The final outcomes of each engaging module hence are open ended, for each group of teachers adds something new to them.

The training imparts knowledge about how to design a learning environment for Maths that allows an effortless flow of the best capacity of the learners for the subject. As a result, a math-gician environment is created where students talk openly about their feelings for the subject, poetry comes alive in the class, mind is stimulated through tricky problems, and body is not glued to the benches! And above all, there is a set rhythm of problem solving that takes care of and preparation for the examination. It is an environment where creativity and rigour are integrated in right quantities. In such an environment, Maths skills grow without fear and with joy. The interest of students in learning is awakened and the results improve. The strategies imparted to the teachers are taken from Monica's more than 19 years classroom experiences,since during that period, she was famous as the teacher who could "make anyone learn Maths".